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We aspire to bring Martial Arts for Families and individuals to every town, city and village around the World for the enjoyment of families as an activity and part of their routine as well as give them the opportunity to test their skills locally, nationally and internationally if they wish too



Promoting youth development and education within its Members is one of our main priorities.



We collect, collate and circulate information to and among its Members regarding every detail with fight sport martial arts.



We promote integrity, ethics and fair play to prevent all methods or practices which might jeopardize the integrity of the Sport

"Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability."

 Patrick Lencioni

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Since 2010

Founded in 2010, the World Fight Sports and Martial Arts Council (WFMC) is a global organization of Martial artists, practitioners, instructors, and school owners engaged in different disciplines and arts, as well as styles and principles. We are founded on the principles and ideals of Issa Akkus. The organization was established by Master Akkus, at the request and with the blessings of numerous highly regarded martial artists from across internationally in order to preserve the vision of the founder.

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The association provides a venue for martial artists to come together to share ideas, further their knowledge through seminars, receive recognition of individual accomplishments, and to compete in a fair and safe environment. In order to provide a standard of judging at our tournaments based on integrity and safety for all competitors, our tournament officials are offered continuous training on our rules and regulations and undergo certification classes. We now have over 90 countries that are affiliated with WFMC and representatives are continuously growing. 

Tournaments for Everyone

We approve, regulate and organise international championships, tournaments, contests between countries and large sporting events (World Championships, Continental Championships through the Continental Federations, World Cups, and open international tournaments) relating to fight sport martial arts

understanding your Affiliation

Our constitution is readily available for those who aspire to be part of WFMC. It serves as a guidebook to ensure every member is inline with what we believe in.

determining your goals

We provide a clear route and opportunity for professional fighters and professional instructions after a period of amateur competition.
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We aim to provide administrative and other appropriate support to our Members

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As an association, we are tirelessly committed to offering nothing short of a superb service to our members. 

Vocational Blackbelt Grading

WFMC Local and World Councils will be assisting for Black belt gradings. You can apply for a belt ranking by submitting the requirements as long as you're registered as an affiliate.

Club Certification and Licensing

From instructor certificates and recognition of grade documentation through to vocational Dan gradings, our membership will help you with it.

Resources To Help Your Club Grow

Our membership provides you with access to dozens of resources and tools to help you grow your club and retain students.

Local and International Networking

Access local and international networking opportunities with fellow clubs and instructors
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"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up."
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Questions And Answers

A: You may go to: or contact us through the following channels: Facebook, Email, Phone and we will assist you with the process.

A: Yes, we hold regular seminars and courses to improve knowledge, mastery and understanding of Martial Arts principles and concepts.

A: Unfortunately not. We’re very open and transparent about maintaining excellent standards in martial arts, and part of this is allowing students to easily see and understand grades, professional qualifications and other statutes – like DBS checks, insurance, first aid and so on. By joining us, you must accept that your professional details will be made available online. Privacy is a big deal. Not only are we of course GDPR compliant, but we’re sensitive to these concerns. No personal information is published other than your full name. Please contact us before joining if you have concerns about this.

A: Your membership will give you full access to our training lists, courses and regular tournaments that will be keeping you busy the entire year. Being with another organization may be in conflict with our schedule. We wanted to ensure you fully utilize what you pay for and we have a dedicated section on our site to help you make the switch.

We are accessible to different channel options. You can send us an email or a message at your most convenient time and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

A:We’ve got some specific guidance on helping those without set guides gain eligibility to teach. It’s fair and based on a number of different influencing factors, so you should find we can help you demonstrate proof in other ways than just grades.

A: Provided it is safe, responsible and in keeping with our regulatory guidelines – yes. We give freewill on how you will run your own club as long as it doesn’t collide with any of our ethics and values in the association. We want to make sure you will also speak the message we want to present to our co-sportsperson. These guidelines are not designed to restrict what you can or can not do, and don’t lead you to incur any additional charges. You’re still free to grade students your way, when you wish, without paying us a penny and to keep complete control over the direction and future of your club.

Our primary focus is the professional standards, safety and safeguarding of members training with you. Our basic set of regulations will help you run a legal, compliant and safe school. The direction you chose to take this in is entirely up to you.

A: Yes, of course. But you have a choice. First, you can join the other categories which are most similar and close to you. For example, as the MMA practitioner, you can join the Submission Grappling or if you’re a Muay Thai practitioner you can try Kickboxing or K1. If it does not suit you, write to us and we will create a new category of your specialization.