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Wayne Edwards

Still Owner and President

Wayne Edwards, CEO of WFMC

My Story -

By Wayne Edwards

In 2013 I became the WFMC England President. Was the only WFMC member Outside of Germany and Poland to regularly hold national WMFC squad training, National championships and bring teams of English champions to the World championships that were held 98% of the time in Germany.

By 2014 I ran team GB, and by 2020 the old owner and President Isa Akkus, plagued by health issues and inability to grow the association, passed on the association.

Inherited Problems

WFMC World Championships, which was mainly held in Germany lacked the recognition of Tournaments like WAKO as there were few national teams.

The event was mainly a tournament of German fighters with a few surrounding countries attending, which made the event busy. However, to say the World champions had the best in the World could not be verified because it was potluck who turned up for the event.
There were so-called national representatives that never or didn’t regularly turn up for a World Championship, and you could see on their Facebook feeds they went to other events instead despite of their affiliation. Many of the representatives were heads of several associations, so it was reasonable to conclude split loyalties affected who turned up for events.
These national representatives were merely none paying users of a logo, and to expect any kind of team selections in those countries were few and far apart. So in many cases, a national team of a representative was just a gym from another country. The Old President was merely happy to have someone in another country claim representation to make the association look bigger than wait till he possibly got a solid representative.
The deception of a well attended Tournament from many countries got to a stage were old President and founder used to get German kids at his events to hold up flags of other countries.  This was to bamboozle the World of Facebook into thinking he had a huge representation of world countries which was not true.

                    Picture of Fake National teams to make the event look more internationally supported

Having WFMC handed over to me, I sort to change all of this as May aim was to grow the amature side on a World stage.  First, I brought out a constitution with the founder and old president agreeing to it, and then I set to work cleaning the house of dormant none active members. This can be found at

Check out the 2020 World Meeting introducing the WFMC Constituion the past president is trying to ignore


My vision is to grow a Amature World multi-style combat arts Network of national leagues around the globe that can feed into the Proffesional ranks as well keep hobbyists engaged. Each national league should have an international standard for all amateur combat arts with a tournament circuit to showcase their skills culminating the best attending the World championships and  annual World Assembly.  A more honest approach would attract more sponsors and media attention as well as everything else that comes with recognised sports. 

The Importance of being selective

To grow WFMC we can’t be an association for everyone but the right ones that suit where we are going.
A single club owner with no ambition to hold national squad training, national championships or even national team selections is unsuitable.
Representatives heading several federations are also unsuitable as it was unlikely they would hold a national event under the WFMC banner.

Why There is a problem with attracting the right representatives?

The past president did what he needed to do. He aimed to make the association look bigger and worry about cleaning it up later. His goal was never to stay loyal to a representative but use them as a stepping stone.

If a club owner in another country flew the WFMC flag, the past president could merely pass the presidency on to the next guy who gave him a better offer and basically get free advertising to get to that point with free labour.
The problem with this method of low-entry membership to WFMC is that it creates no value, and there is low trust. Guys aware of this practice were not keen on going the extra mile. They were basically growing the brand for free if they started a national circuit (so why should they?), as it could easily be taken off them and passed to someone else who the organisation thought provided a better offer.
This old method of growing an association needed to change. Representatives needed to feel safe, and just getting a logo, electronic cert, with no investment, meant there had to be a catch somewhere.
The 2020 WFMC Constitution introduced licencing. Licensing became the lifeblood of growing the association. It worked wonders for Olympic-recognised associations and would do the same for WFMC. WFMC was run on a DIY basis. Some members were given editor status on Facebook pages and groups, and they posted pro events so the association looked active, but there was no administrative framework behind the machine. Licencing would allow association heads to fund growth in their country and grow the sport. A lot of the old representatives used to the old, tin pot, DIY system could not get their heads around going Pro.
With the old Country representatives not willing to grow, WFMC Needed New blood, and the right person needed assurances their work would not be futile, and they would benefit from the fruits of their labour.

The perils of being a WFMC National Representative became even more evident after the 2023 European championships.

The 2023 European Championships and aftermath

At the 2023 European Championships, it became evident that the association was still plagued by its outdated grassroots mentality. The German team had a leader who believed he was above the President due to his close ties with the founder’s old President. The German team’s head, Baki Hoxhaj, disregarded the licensing rule, despite the Championship organizers reducing the price by £15 to accommodate the new £15 licensing rule for all competitors. Full details of terms and conditions are found at

The German Baki Hoxhaj president promised to pay the fee later if we allowed his fighters to compete but abruptly left without bidding farewell once his competitors had competed.

Furthermore, the German head caused a massive uproar at the event claiming the title of best club at the  European Championships. He even instructed his team members to steal the Grand Champion trophy, and they made several attempts to do so. 

The organizers struggled to communicate to the team that the best club trophy was awarded to a club, not a country, as this was an open tournament.  This riled up the German team, who jeered and chanted with the full support of their unprofessional leader.

Although anyone familiar with the Kihap tournament system at could examine the results and understand the data, a group of convinced Germans, led by this individual, propagated misinformation, believing that the sky was red and the sea was yellow.

Club Leaderboard

Baki Hoxhaj German President

Example of Dangerous leadership

The riling up of the German team to believe a false narrative was a clear demonstration of how dangerous leadership can be in the wrong hands.
Misguided leadership has caused genocide in Germany, other parts of Europe, Africa, and around the world.
As said before, the German group even attempted to steal the Grand Champion trophy despite not having the necessary points. The fact remains that WFMC has a constitution in place requiring all fighters to be licensed, a clear rule system for competition and an electronic stats tracking system that cannot be tampered with.
The German team’s head, Baki Hoxhaj, refused to have a private conversation with me and just kept stirring up his team to jeer the association head. If WFMC is trying to be professional, how can a country head behave in such a poor manner? 
Baki Hoxhaj even conspired with the ring sports supplier to breach UK data protection laws and attempt to get the list of all the fighters at the event in a belief to hijack the association.  
We are aware that there are capable leaders in Germany, as the previous president effectively managed the team before passing on the responsibilities. If necessary, we are prepared to take the steps required to appoint a new WFMC German president for the future.

Aftermath of the European Championships and the Future of WFMC

After the European Championships, the previous president attempted, without any discussion, to reclaim WFMC. He disregarded the constitution, ignoring the agreed-upon handover.  Isa Akkus’s integrity was worth nothing at this point. He was willing to endorse the Constitution when it suited him and, rather than follow procedure, attempted to rip it up without meeting, question or negotiation.

Mister Isa Akkus decided to attempt to steal my labour and significant investment and just shut me out of the World group and posted on the Facebook page I now own as if nothing had happened.

In the West, we say “no backsies,”  Clear proof of passing the association on is written in stone in the constitution published on

and introduced at the 2020 World Assembly, which was recorded and shown above and can be seen on Youtube.

WFMC Facebook page ownership was also passed on to me.


When I assumed responsibility for WFMC, I often wondered why, apart from Poland, Germany, and the UK, no other representatives were willing to invest the effort to grow the association on an amateur level.
I thoroughly enjoyed expanding the association’s reach, organizing squad training, starting with small competitions and gradually scaling up to host European and World Championships. Serving as the competition head was a tremendous opportunity.
However, I must admit that I was naive.
I was fascinated by country representatives who held multiple leadership positions in various organizations without fully realizing the challenges they faced in fulfilling their roles effectively. It dawned on me that if you were not as astute as me to invest time in establishing an agreed-upon constitution, publishing it, and garnering acceptance, your position could be built on shaky ground.
Assuming the presidency of an association built on shaky ground, the old guard was not willing to take risks or invest, considering the instability of past positions.
I now understood why they preferred low-level representation because being associated with an association instantly granted recognition in your country, attracting students and opening doors to international networks for events and international travel. Still, there were few incentives to start a circuit in their own country without the potential threat of being taken back one day.
As said before, at an amateur level, you would merely be providing free labour to a brand logo owner who could replace you at any moment.

Further Lessons From This Setbacks And WFMC Path Forward!

From these experiences, we have gained valuable insights that will guide our future actions. Firstly, we recognize the need to emphasize transparency, accountability, and adherence to the constitution within WFMC goes beyond the founder member and his close friends.

We will prioritize establishing a robust framework that ensures all fighters are licensed and that competitions are conducted according to clear rules and regulations.

Additionally, we have learned the significance of strong and ethical leadership. Moving forward, we intend to identify capable individuals who can effectively lead, ensuring the smooth running of events and fostering a positive environment for all participants.

Furthermore, we are committed to actively promoting and expanding the association beyond Poland, Germany, and Great Britain. We will seek opportunities to collaborate with representatives from other countries and look at joint-funded promotions, encouraging them to invest their efforts in growing the WFMC community worldwide.  By fostering international relationships and establishing a solid network other than just small clubs, we aim to create a thriving global platform for martial arts enthusiasts.

Exposing Deceptive Practices in The Attempted Ownership Takeover

Proof of ownership

Check our our Constitution and See Just attempting to remove Wayne Edwards Was unconstitutional

Meta screenshot proving Wayne Edwards Owns WFMC Page Which was passed on to him
on taking over WFMC

Screen Shot Proof ISA Akkus Agreed with the WFMC Constitution

Video of world meeting ad

Video Proof of The World Meeting announcing the constitution

World Live Meeting concerning Constituion 2020

Video Proof of The World Meeting actually happening

Solution Going Forwards

To take the new World Fighting Sports Martial Arts association forward there is a solution.

1. World Complete martial Arts Syllabus

If you only teach one style and would like to offer more to members and attract new ones, imagine having an academy that provides a complete martial arts program and a business system to help you enjoy an unbelievable lifestyle.
From my 23 years of gym ownership, I have been able to produce students with the ability to compete in numerous categories by producing a more comprehensive method of teaching and learning. For 23 years, I have been able to travel the world, enjoy a wonderful lifestyle and do what I enjoy. For the first time, I am willing to share this with the right affiliates.
WCM System
The system is an athlete development program for competitors and hobbyists, which covers most tournament arts as well as reality-based self-defence under one curriculum as opposed to splitting into a number of specialised arts. A Black belt in the WCM system will be competent enough to compete in most tournament categories if they choose to start at a basic level, moving up to advance as time goes by. 
WCM Looks to provide interclub and Newcomer competitions for the 5% of those special individuals who like to compete so as to showcase their skills.
The course will include Instructor Courses, Official and referee courses and business development.

Who This is For and Who this is Not For?

WCM is not for everyone. Merely having the fees for training will not guarantee acceptance on the course. We are not for everyone, and that’s fine. There are so many good organisations that fit various personalities, and our job is to find a match for us. Our job is to present our vision and what we want to achieve, and if you see the value in that and want to join the party, by all means, contact us.
This is our type of Leaders we wish to work with:-
1. A person who gets to grips with the systems and makes sure all his members are on board.
2. Ambitious and willing to grow despite the obstacles that may come their way.
3. Interested in learning and teaching Self-development
4. Interested in teaching people how to do things for themselves instead of having a dependency type of relationship.
WCM is looking for Course and Event partner Organisers and athletes. To grow the sport, we are willing to partner up in the right project for events, but it has to be a win-win situation. We are very picky when it comes to partnering up on an event.
Ideal Partners:-
1. Must have good organisational skills
2. Must be business minded or willing to learn.
3. Must have an abundance mindset
4. Have a full understanding of the rules and regulations needed to hold an event in their area
5. Have strong communication skills
6. Must be a problem solver
7. Must be a team player
8. Must have a strong sense of ethics and keep to a deal it once set

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