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Membership eligibility shall be open to any person who wishes to further the interests of the WFMC.

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Paid Staff

From time to time WFMC will employ or hire contractors to work at events or carry out various jobs which in return for payment.

Run your own club

Self-employed, budding instructors and school owners are welcome to join the WFMC

Team Coaches

WFMC coaches are highly motivated individuals willing to do seminars to get other clubs up and running on new programs in their school.

job opportunities

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National and Club Affiliation

Clubs affiliated and approved by WFMC who regularly attend WFMC events, and also carry out regular belt testing or grading.

Club Members

Membership of individuals who train at WFMC affiliated clubs

Instructors and Coaches

Affiliated WFMC instructors who are involved in continued Development training and produce students who regularly belt test.

Event Promoters

Persons involved in producing one or more events each year.

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