World Sport Fight Martial Arts Council

Team and National Coach

Join our WFMC coaching team! The WFMC Tournaments are opening up a Program Ring and Tatami Coach and he will fill in for the primary coach to lead WFMC squad trainings, classes and otherwise assist as necessary for the preparation of the World Championships. Specialised training and resources will be provided to help you learn to coach a WFMC Team.

WFMC coaches are highly motivated individuals willing to do seminars to get other clubs up and running on new programs in their school. Coaches are viewed as self-employed and work along with the association. To apply to be a WFMC coach apply in writing to the head office with your proposal and resume.

Coaching positions require the appropriate training, experience, and or certification necessary to facilitate the course/sports specialty. Salary ranges will vary depending on experience and qualifications.




Team and National Coach

What We Expect If You Come to Work With Us?

As a WFMC Coach, you must be: Caring and patient with people. Open to learning more of the rules and training activities and willing to attend ongoing training and professional development; Enthusiastic about group exercise classes and enjoy creating and delivering new, fresh and innovative routines; A leader, who takes pride in professionalism by reporting on-time with a positive attitude and a passion to motivate others; A professional, who is collaborative; Willing to obtain or already have certifications (First Aid certification is a plus.)

What Can You Expect if You Come to Work With Us?

An exciting and fulfilling career. (Once people start working here, they don't want to stop!) A diverse, talented and enthusiastic group of coworkers employed.

We are also an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Certified Drug Free Workplace

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“The rise or fall, success or failure of your dreams is largely dependent on the association you build yourself around.”
― Israelmore Ayivor

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